This course is designed to expose wave mechanics and wave propagation through crystals, fundamental and reciprocal lattice types, Brillouin zones, lattice vibrations, phonon, density of state, Debye and Einstein model of specific heats, Fermi free electron, Hall effect, energy band, Bloch functions, Kronig Penney model. There are seven (7) headlines in the course; introduction to quantum mechanics, Schrodinger equation, reciprocal lattice vectors, crystal vibrations, Fermi free electrons and energy bands. The stated focus are planned to be delivered during lectures. A problem-based assignment is designed to encourage the learners to incorporate the ethics and professional values. Learners need to sit for two tests, final semester examinations, and four quizzes to ensure sufficient theoretical and fundamental knowledge.
Learners should be able to (i) develop new ideas and identify alternative approaches for problem solving related to solid state physics, and (ii) demonstrate the ethical values and professionalism character in completing a given task; upon completion of the course.