Subject Planning for Semester 17182/IJA (SEMESTER 2 SESSION 2017/2018)

Subject Code BCS3323


Credit Hours 3


Prerequisite BCS1133 

Faculty Passing Mark 40 


This course is designed to provide students with indepth knowldege on software testing and its test process. The course covers the basic principles of software testing and test activities that include the test plan, test design, monitoring, implementation and test closure. The student will also learn various categories of test design techniques and methods used in both black-box and white-box testing. At the end of this course, students should be able to recognize various types and levels of testing as well as categorizing and applying software testing process & techniques. 


1-Compare and classify between various levels of testing, test types and test approaches 

2- Organize and display the test activities throughout the software testing life cycle

3- Work on a team to use the test design techniques, risk analysis and reporting within test process 

Contact Hour

Lecture     2

Tutorial     0

Lab            2


Final Exam:  40%

Course Work: 60%

Course work consists of:

  • 4 Quizzes 10% (Online Quizzes on Week3, week,7, Week11, week14)
  • 1 Tests: 20% (Week7 )
  • 1 Group project: 20%
  • Lab Assignments1: 5% (Week8)
  • Lab Assignments2: 5% (Week 13)


1 Brian Hambling (2007), Software Testing,British Computer Society, ISBN:78-1-902505-79-4
2 Dorothy Graham, Erik Van Veenendaal, Isabel Evans, Rex Black (2011), Foundations of Software Testing. Thompson Learning, ISBN: 978-1-84480-355-2
3  Pezzand, M. & Young, M. 2008. Software Testing and Analysis: Principles and Techniques. John Wiley & Sons.
4 Grubb, P. & Takang, A.A. 2003. Software Maintenance: Concepts and Practice(Second Edition). World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

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