This course is an introduction to power quality disturbances. It first introduces the concept of power quality and then quantifies the particular power quality disturbances that fall within the wider umbrella of electromagnetic phenomena.It provides a strong foundation for better understanding of the underlying principles of each power quality problem. Students are exposed to power quality solutions, standards, monitoring tools, grounding practices and distributed generation.


At the end of this course student should be able to:

CO 01: Explain the nature, causes & effects of power quality issues; sag, swell, transient, harmonics, interruptions, voltage variations & power factor.

CO 02: Analyse the severity of power quality problems and propose suitable mitigation method with reflect to cost, performance and environment issues.

CO 03: Design a mitigation device for given power quality problem.

CO 04: Produce and analyze power quality parameters on given raw data from specific power quality tools.

CO 05: Provide decent report with high level of ethics & professionalism.