The primary objective of this course is to give students a foundation of knowledge, understanding, analysis and design of power electronics circuits for conversion and control of electrical energy. The course presents concepts, fundamentals analysis tools, practical consideration for design, and a range of power electronics applications. Practical experiments in the laboratory will also be conducted. Students will be exposed to the power converter, PWM switching techniques, DC and induction motor drives.

At the end of this course student should be able to:

CO 01:   Investigate switching characteristics of basic solid state power devices, operating principles, advantages and disadvantages of basic power electronic technologies (C2)

  CO 02:  Investigate the power electronic converters (C4)

CO 03:   Apply knowledge of power electronic convertersand electrical drives in electrical system (C3)

  CO 04:  Examine and analysis the power conversion and electrical drives system (P).

CO 05: Explain the impact of power electronic technologies for sustainable development (A)